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We’ve been riding mountain bikes for 30 years. And loving it. Recently friends of ours suggested eBikes as a new way to have the most unbelievable fun, but be careful they said. One, you’ll sell your adventure bike (we’ve been riding motorbikes for years) and two, it will change your lives in ways you can’t imagine.

Yes, we did sell our motorbike (we had stopped using it) and yes our lives did change!

Hope you have as much fun as we have riding these routes.


  • Image Number GM5R385288. Roger de la Harpe, ebiking at Skulpiesbaai with views across Walker Bay. Hermanus. Whale Coast. Overberg. Western Cape. South Africa
  • Mountain Biking
  • Pat de la Harpe eBiking (mountain biking) on the Giant Stance E+ Pro 29. Western Cape. South Africa
  • Mountain Biking. Hermanus, Overberg. Western Cape. South Africa
  • Mountain Biking. Hermanus, Overberg. Western Cape. South Africa
  • GM5R312909
  • eBike mountain biking near Greyton. Western Cape. South Africa
  • Let the ride begin. Leaving the CBD, Geneva on the ViaRhona Cycle Route, Switzerland
  • GH5R308878
  • Rather interesting graffiti. Switzerland
  • On the way back to Botrivier the Hawston View climb is now a downhill - just watch the speeds - stopping becomes an issue on the gravel (personal experience).
  • Sharon, Bruce and the sunset.
  • Sometimes it's difficult to take it all in.
  • Sometimes you just have to stop and take it all in!