If you’re on this site you may very well have gathered that we are ebiking fans. We've been riding mountain bikes for 25 years and have fairly recently discovered ebikes - soooo much fun! As we’ve said elsewhere they’ve changed our lives in many ways. We’ve always enjoyed travel and exploring new places and now, we are doing so much of this on our ebikes. And not only in South Africa.

Passau. Bavaria. Germany

In September 2018 we travelled to Germany and Austria to ride the Danube Cycle Path from Passau to Vienna. Such fun and a great experience!.

We did quite a bit of research of our own but eventually ended up consulting Travel Expert Leon van der Bergh at our local Flight Centre. It may seem crazy to use a travel agent in these days of internet bookings, but we’d previously been let down badly by a local airline and it was our travel agent who pulled out  all the stops and saved the day.


Leon came up with a Rad+Reisen self-guided ride that seemed to suit our needs. There are a number of options available - so pick one that works for you.

Our itinerary was as follows:

Day 1. Arrive in Passau in Germany.

Day 2. Ride from Passau to Wesenufer.

Day 3. Wesenufer to Linz.

Day 4. Linz to Grein.

Day 5. Grein to Melk.

Day 6. Melk to Krems

Day 7. A short train ride to Tulln and then ride to Vienna.

Passau. Bavaria. Germany

The total ride was about 330km, with the shortest daily ride about 37km and the longest 72. (Actually it was a little longer than that - we got lost in some Austrian forests - totally our own fault - which added a rather nice little excursion on the side). Rad+Reisen offer conventional bikes and ebikes but we weren’t much enamoured with their ebike offering, so Leon sourced a pair of Merida 300 ebikes for us. (Actually their bikes would have been more than up to the job - we just wanted the emtb style of riding).

It seemed a pity to go all that way just for the ride, so we spent a few extra days pre-ride in Munich enjoying the sites and the Weisse Bier and then a couple of post-ride days checking out Vienna. It was here that we sipped (very definitely sipped) some of the most expensive house wines we’ve ever had! And this at the street cafes! (When you convert €6.00 for 180ml you savour every drop). 


This is in no way a race. We tapped along easily at 20 - 25kmh, stopping often for coffee (and weisse bier), to take in the view, check out a museum or just sit on the banks of the Danube munching on the rolls that we had brought along from breakfast. It’s difficult to put into words the sense of freedom we felt… It was everything we had hoped for and more!

Download the GPS tracks here:

Passau to Wesenufer - 37km

Wesenufer to Linz - 71km

Linz to Grein - 62km

Grein to Melk - 51km

Melk to Krems - 71km

Tulln to Vienna - 42km

Danube Cycle Path Photo Gallery