Bike Trekking Bags in South Africa.

Every now and then you come across a product that just makes your life easier. Cycle Africa manufactures a series of bike trekking bags from high quality fabrics and fittings, resulting in a product that is attractive to look at and wonderfully functional. And best of all they're locally produced.

Hermanus. Whale Coast. Overberg. Western Cape. South Africa

We have recently acquired a set of their Stem Bags, Feed Bags, Bar Bags or Nosh Buckets (call them what you will). Yes, you can of course store food in them but we use them for gear like GoPro cameras, auxiliary batteries, wireless microphone receivers and the like. There is also a small mesh pocket that makes things like lip balm, sun block and barrier cream (chamois cream) easily accessible.

A friend suggested that the bags would be ideal for storing a mug, a small bottle of gin and a can of tonic - what a wonderful idea!

The interior is bright green, which makes items in the bag easily visible .

How do these bags affect handling you may ask? Well, I don't know that you want to have them on the bars of your super duper downhill bike as you tackle some of the Karkloof's spectacular single track, but if you are out on a trail ride, into a bit of gravel road riding or some bike packing then, not much at all. They do limit the turn angle a little but you'd never notice it unless you're on a technical ride.

Cycle Africa also do frame  and custom bags and we'll be exploring these and other ideas with them in the near future.

In the meantime, if you'd like one (or two - one on each side of the stem) drop me a mail. The price of this very well made item is a reasonable R450.00 incl Vat but excluding delivery. You can, of course, purchase directly from Cycle Africa, but if you buy from us we receive a small commission that will help to keep the eBike Touring website operational.

Hermanus. Whale Coast. Overberg. Western Cape. South Africa