Lube! Now there's a word that brings confusion into many a mountain biker's mind - wet, dry, ptfe, wax... Which one is best?

We've found that, for the most part, a wax lube seems to work well for us in the dry, dusty conditions in which we most often ride. There's no scientific basis for this, but it just makes sense that you don't need a chain wet with lube, attracting every grain of dust and grit around, turning the lube into a very effective grinding paste.

One of the downsides of a wax lube is the build up of gunk on the chain ring and rear cluster as time marches on, and yes, chains should be thoroughly cleaned and lubed at regular intervals but for most of us this probably doesn't happen as often as it should.

A mate of ours handed me a bottle of Max Wax the other day. "Try this - it works for me". Which I did and I must say that it seems to work brilliantly with minimal amounts of wax build-up. It appears that they use a natural tackifier - orange oil (from orange rind - well, who knew?). If you Google tackifier it pops up with: "An oil tackifier is an additive that keeps a lubricating oil in place where it is required. To do this it needs to give the oil good adhesion and cohesion properties". Well there you go... It's also locally made and "nature friendly".

It is best to lube the chain the night before you ride, allowing the lube to dry overnight.

Anyway, we'll be using it in future. For trade inquiries or individual sales contact Cliffy Coombe. Phone +27 (82) 412-7972 or email him on

Max Wax  chain lube. Works for us...

Max Wax chain lube. Works for us...